VMWare vSphere 6 Installation on Blade Server Huawei E9000


VMWare vSphere 6 Installation on Blade Server Huawei E9000

Tutorial by Nathan Gusti Ryan ( vExpert 2013-2014-2015-2016-2017 )

Access Huawei Management Module : / /

Access Huawei KVM ( Java Console ) :

Access Blade Node 1, press Ctrl-C to configure RAID on Node local disk :

Enter to manage adapter SAS3008:

Select and Enter RAID Properties :

Select and Enter Create RAID 1 Volume :

Select RAID Disk 0 & Disk 1 ( press space ), than press C ( Create volume ) :

Press Esc than select Save changes then exit this menu:

Press Esc :

Press Esc than select Exit the configuration Utility and Reboot :

Click Virtual DVD, than select Image file. Than press Connect to assign ISO file as virtual DVD :

Wait for booting process :

Wait for vSphere installation startup progress :

Press Enter to Continue :

Press F11 to Accept EULA and Continue :

Select TwinSD for vSphere kernel installation than press Enter to Continue :

Select US Defaultkeyboard layout than press Enter to Continue :

Enter Root Passwordand Confirm Password than press Enter to Continue :

Press F11 to start installation :

After finish installation, press Enter to Reboot :

Don’t forget to disconnect virtual DVD :

After reboot, press F2 to change network configuration ( setup IP address ) :

Access to host vSphere

Access to host vSphere

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