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eScan Management Console

eScan Management Console (EMC) provides centralized features for installation, administrator control, deployment of updates, upgrades, and license keys, enforcing Integrated Security Policies, covering rogue machines and more. The EMC has great scalability as it can protect small firms with less than hundred computers to large Enterprises with thousands of machines. In a large corporate network environment, cost and Internet traffic can be reduced by setting up a centralized updating structure that can be controlled and managed from a single point. This feature helps in managing the security of the organization from a single place.

EMC can also deploy rule sets such as administrative passwords, antispam, endpoint security, privacy control, file antivirus, Web protection, firewall, etc. The administrator can also set security policies for users/groups. With the eScan Management Console you can view updates, infected machines, virus report, license information, et.

Remote Web Administration
eScan RAD is a powerful new feature of eScan that helps you access the EMC from a remote location. Through this component you can access the administration console via a browser from any client machine. If you keep the console on a public IP, the administrator can even access it over the web from anywhere. Operations like installation, uninstallation and updating can be conveniently managed through this feature, irrespective where the administrator is located. 

One can also receive Remote Technical Support through eScan RAD. This enables live technical support in order to make solutions real time and better.


PopUp Filter feature

eScan’s Popup Filter is a dynamic plug-in for browsers like Internet Explorer, Netscape and Opera. When eScan’s Popup Filter is running, it tells the browser to stop all unsolicited windows from opening and does not interfere with your navigation. Since it stops the browser from downloading and showing PopUps, unlike most pop-up killers, there’s no need to wait while a new window appears and disappears. It offers a screen flash free blocking of PopUps and saves your bandwidth.



White List: Not all PopUps are unsolicited. You may need to fill in an on-line registration form, which is a type of popup. In such cases, you specify the website from which PopUps should be allowed. Such sites are included in the White List.

Hot key: Hot key allows you to assign a key that you keep pressed when you want PopUps enabled temporarily on a page. Click on the hot key button and select one of the buttons from the drop-down list.

Audible Notification: eScan has a feature where a beep or a sound file is played when a PopUp Ad is detected and blocked.

Advanced MicroWorld AntiVirus (MWAV) Utility
eScan’s advanced MWAV is an intelligent and powerful AntiVirus utility that enables fast and hassle-free scanning of computers for a range of malwares. The advanced MWAV comes with the power of detection and disinfection of Viruses, Worms, Rootkits, Trojans, Backdoors and other malice, so that the system performance and stability can be improved dramatically. It also detects Spyware and Adware to clear your system of all harmful and suspicious programs.



Browser Cleanup

eScan Browser Cleanup provides an easy and efficient means to protect your privacy by erasing details of sites and web pages you have accessed. It allows you to use the Internet without leaving any history or residual data on your hard drive.

The feature is found in eScan Protection Center > Privacy Control > Settings

Auto Erase Options
When you visit sites, the browser stores traceable information in certain Folders and Directories leaving it open for others to view. eScan allows you to remove all the traces of sites you visit. The software auto detects different browsers installed and displays the traceable component and default path where the respective data is stored on your system. You can customize data for each browser.

The traceable component path that eScan removes includes Last Run Menu, Last Find Computer, Cache, PlugIns, Last Search Menu, Recent Documents, Open/Save Dialog box, Cookies, History, Location Bar history, Empty Recycle Bin, Temporary Folder, ActiveX, Files & Folders. A schedule can be set that runs the tasks as per a schedule or the traces removed manually.

Endpoint Security

Data theft and virus infections are on the rise through USB / Firewire based portable storage devices such as Flash drives, Pen drives, Portable Hard disks, etc. To avoid such kind of risks, eScan’s new feature endpoint security provides complete protection against information security theft.

Application Control

Application Control allows you to block/permit applications on the networks/personal systems. You can also specify the applications that you want to block/permit. The applications listed can also be deleted.

USB Control

eScan provides a new feature of endpoint security that will ask for a password when you plug in a USB drive. To disable password protection for certain devices, you can whitelist that device along with its serial number. The next time you plug-in the device it will not ask for a password but will directly display the files or folders in it.


eScan’s in-built firewall monitors and logs both incoming and outgoing network activities in the system and protects it from all network based attacks. There are different set of rules such as Trojan Rule, Zone Rule, Expert Rule, Application Rule, Trusted MAC Address and Local IP List that can be used to either allow/block any incoming and outgoing traffic.

The application has two tabs; Active Connections and Established Connections. In Active Connections tab all connections that are active at any given point of time are displayed. In Established Connections, only the connections that are established are displayed.

The Process, Protocol, Local Address, Remote Address and Status of each connection are displayed.
The application gives details on the process associated with each TCP/IP address and port. The process name, the task associated with the process and the name of its developers are displayed.

Proactive Protection

eScan uses sophisticated antivirus Heuristic algorithm to detect new variants of unknown and new dreadful malware. It also blocks any suspicious activity that shows symptoms characteristic of a hack attempt and act upon applications that may be open to intrusion.

eScan also monitors registry for any virus entry and prompt user for making registry entry.

Asset Management

Asset Management is done via the System Information tool. This tool helps the system administrators to know about the hardware and software deployed on the networks.

This feature is found in eScan Protection Center > Tools

Logs and Reports

Logs and reports are being created and displayed by all the modules for Protection, Scan and Update.

Reports about the total number of files scanned, number of files infected, number of mails scanned, mails infected, mails quarantined, sites scanned, sites infected, applications allowed, applications blocked, etc are created and displayed in the respective sections.

Automatic Compressed Updates

Automatic Compressed Updates are being provided by eScan for both the software as well as the virus and spam definitions. The Virus signatures or spam definitions are being automatically updated hourly for instant protection from existing and emerging threats.

Multilanguage Support

eScan is available in multiple languages. You can choose the language while installing the software. The languages available are English, German, Finnish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Polish, Chinese and Latin Spanish.
Additional Feature

eScan has many other features that offer optimal control over virus scanning and content security related activity. Some of them are: automatic download of Anti-Virus updates and auto mailing of notifications to users.

When a virus is detected or mails and attachment with restricted words and phrases are found that violate the security policy, the message can be deleted, quarantined or disinfected. A customized notification message can be sent to the sender, receiver or others, informing them about the action taken.

eScan Remote Support
eScan Remote Support (ERS) works with the help of remote desktop connection which enables eScan Support technicians to access computers with problems from a remote location and troubleshoot them directly. This helps in providing secure, faster and better support worldwide and also increases efficiency.

Windows Based Rescue Disk
Easily create a Windows Based Rescue Disk file with the eScan Rescue File Creation wizard. The eScan Rescue Disk will help you to clean boot your Windows PC to scan and clean infected Windows systems from rootkits and file infectors that cannot be cleaned in the normal Windows mode.

eScan Auto Back-up / Restore
eScan Auto Back-up / Restore utility takes back-up of all the frequently used files (PE files) and stores it in an encrypted form. If an infection is found, eScan’s Auto Back-up / Restore utility will restore back all the clean files in real-time without the need to format the system.



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